Christian Fellowship Seventh-Day Adventist Church

36 Gillett St • Hartford, CT 06105-2601

    Welcome to Christian Fellowship SDA Church
We, the Christian Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in the West end of Hartford, are disciples and friends of Jesus Christ. Under the direction of Christ, we recognize and accept all people regardless of their disability, culture, gender, or age.
We exist to share the love of Jesus with our community, to care for one another and to invite all  people to join in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ.


          Weekly Church Service:

                                                 Saturday:   9:15am - 9:30am  Sabbath Song Service
                                                                  9:30am - 10:00am  Sabbath School Action Group
                                                                10:00am - 10:40am  Sabbath School Lesson Study
                                                                10:45am - 10:50am  Sabbath School Closing
                                                                10:50am - 11:00am  Personal Ministry
                                                                11:00am - Divine Worship                                                 
                                                                  5:00pm - Adventist Youth Program

                                               Wednesday: 7:00pm - Prayer Meeting

Want to be involved? There are a lot of opportunities to share your talents as a part of one of the ministries of our church.
We hope that you will join us for worship on Saturday morning or can attend one of the many other activities listed on our calendar.


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