Women,s Ministry

Women's ministries provide the opportunities for women to grow spiritually and socially through a network of support groups active in the church.

The women in our church have all types of ministries that you can become involved in.  From prayer groups to fellowship and community involvement our goal is to grow in our Christian experience.  Anyone is welcome so come and bring a friend to our next activity!

Women's Emphasis Day

      Christian Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist church held a series of events for Women’s Emphasis Day on June 8, 2013. The theme of the day was "Empowered" and our color for the day was Pink. Our Sabbath School program focused on inspiring women. With a mini sermon conducted by Pastor Sean Anderson which emphasized the important role women play in society and the important women that raised and supported Jesus while he was on this Earth.
Our Sabbath School program was lead by our Assistant Superintendent, Annette Khodra with assistance from Charma Lee Morgan. Our Divine Worship utilized many of our young girls and teens in the church. Our platform included Yvette Young the Woman’s Ministry leader, Audrey Stewart who delivered the sermon entitled, "Empowered by Faith" along with Nicole McKenzie (11), Akiva Khodra (16) and Nikia McKenzie (17).
    Our children story was conducted by Natasha McKenzie (15) which focused on a little girl realizing her strength through her faith in God.
We had three musical selections, one of which was performed by Tatiana Ellis (12), a group performance by Joyce Davis, Monica Christie, Norma Todd and Norma Brown and our music meditation performed by Charma Lee Morgan.
    The sermon was dynamic and powerful with a focus on the story of the woman with the issue of blood and the woman at the well, it illustrated the fact that their faith in God, their willingness to reach out to Jesus by simply touching his garment or listening to his message resulted in remarkable changes in their lives. 
Our Divine Worship Service was followed by a fellowship lunch. In the afternoon our AY program was conducted by Yvette Young and the topic was "Teen Dating Violence"  It was an informative presentation that solicited many questions and brought to light an issue that is often not discussed in our homes or churches. Both Parents and Teens left with informational packets on the topic. Overall we had a great turn out for all of our events. Our Adult Sabbath School Program had 30 people in attendance, Our Divine Worship had about 65 people and our AY program had 35 people in attendance. It was truly a blessed day and we look forward to planning our next event.


On January 10th 2015, the women and teen girls of our church came together for the first women's ministry event of the year. We gathered to make prayer blankets. Each woman and girl received instruction on how to create the blankets. They were given time and supplies to make their very own prayer blanket. They worked closely supporting each other every step of the way.
It was a true fellowship among women and girls.
Once the blankets were completed each person prayed over their blanket. It was a very inspiring and powerful moment.  Everyone in attendance enjoyed the event and was thrilled to have learned a new skill that they could utilize in the future to bless others.

Ministry Leader
Yvette Young